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Welcome To The Energy Saving Quest

The ESQ has been established as a free-to-schools program centred on the increased efficiency of energy use in homes across the UK, and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Our Goals

A reduction target of one ton of carbon emissions per household (where school pupils reside) in the U.K. or between 5 to 7 million tonnes collectively per year

This to be achieved by education of the pupils, to bring awareness to the homeowner, who in turn is given the facility to act and improve the energy efficiency of their home. The Quest is designed to be achieved in two parts:

Part One - “Exploration” - Beginning any time from now on (when class time permits) using the ESQ online facility

Part Two - “Verification & Results” - To take place one calendar year from now

The Quest will run for the entire four year period of the UK's participation in the Kyoto protocol.